Tuesday, 11 December 2012

RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Photography) Entrance Folio

Displayed here is the folio I presented to gain entrance into the Bachelor of Arts (Photography) program, at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). I've heard varying numbers on the exact number of people I was up against to land a spot (one of 70 or so) in this covenanted degree from 450 to 1200+.   

Whilst the exact number is largely shrouded in marketing hyperbole, tinged with elitist pride that only acceptance into exclusivity can provide, it's true to say there were more people applying for the course than there was places on offer. Spoiler Alert: I was accepted. 

This was one of those moments where I nearly psyched myself out. I kept putting up roadblocks as to why I was not worthy enough for the course, why should I take the place of someone who was more passionate about it, who wanted to make it their career and who's whole life had been leading up to that point. Truth be told at the time, I was just seeking validation. Seeking validation from people who knew their shit and might just think my stuff wasn't half bad. That the very fact that the gaping void of not having a life was filled with memory card after memory card of hack photographs, might in some small way have been justified. All the reassurances from friends, loved ones and well wishers that the photos of your cat are really stunning never quite has the same impact as Terry Richardson giving the thumbs.....................or something to that effect.

The interview was not quite what I expected. Only a few questions were asked, of which I felt I gave pretty poor responses that would illicit a simmering contempt within the professional ranks of photographers the types.

Q1: So what do you shoot with?  A: A Kodak point and shoot. I've never used a SLR
Q2: So how long have you been shooting? A: Only four years
Q3: Have you undertaken any study? A: No. Completely self taught
Q4: Do you understand the high costs associated with the course? A: Yes. I know Nicholas who finished the course this year and he explained that all to me. 
Q5: Did you shoot this using a tripod (referring to one of my images). A: Yes. I like shooting at night. Some subjects come alive during the day and some at night.      

I though I dropped the ball majorly with the interview and didn't recieve any feedback on my work like I really like this imag or that image or I like the graphic style you have developed here et al which was why I applied in the first place. So I was surpiriesd when I got a letter in the mail saying I got accepted. Back handed validation received, now I had to figure out if I actually wanted to do the course, ah the joys of deferral.

After spending a year up in Bendigo doing a Graduate Diploma of Outdoor and Environmental Education, at La Trobe University and for the most part been without my own camera ((O.K technically my Dad's Lumix point and shoot he allowed me to borrow because the Kodak died) after an altercation with the salt water at the mouth of the Barwon river) resulted in  relying on friends to borrow their cameras when and if it was possible, I realised that the absence of photography in my life, left a pretty big hole and figured that having three years to dedicate my life to nothing else but photography, didn't seem like such a bad option all things considered and the rest they say is history.     

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