Thursday, 19 September 2013

For Lease series

The CBD of Geelong has been in decline for a while, since Westfield [link] completed it's expansion a few years back. Why spend time walking outside to various shops when you can do everything you need to under one roof? The logic is sound and people have voted with their feet. So it's not really surprising the effect it's had on shop fronts, with the CBD looking much like a ghost town. Such is life. 

Note: Yes, I realise I could have gotten rid of the reflections, had I used a polarising filter, but alas I didn't use one. Also should have used a grey card due to the variable light sources with different colour temperatures. Also I didn't bother with HDR or exposure blending my lecturers will no doubt be rolling over in their graves one day, well maybe not on the HDR front. I could put it down to my artist vision coming out just the way I wanted it too but frankly I was just too lazy to go the extra mile, that a commercial photographer would have gone to.        

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